Our Service & Shop


the right choice

Woods, hardware, neck formats. To find the right guitar in the huge array of offers can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Not with us! We don’t leave you alone but rather help you search for the right instrument that suits you and your demands.

Should the guitar of your choice not satisfy you completely, we will gladly customize it for you. Other pickups, hardware, whatever – ask for our getyoutone tuning.

And if you are not interested in conventional guitars off the rack at all: How would you like your own individual „signature guitar“? Individual custom solutions are not just for the pros, you know?

amplifiers and speakers

the perfect accomplices

Be it a handwired Tweed combo, a multi-channel high-gain amp or a modelling all-rounder: The perfect amplifier system is always the quickest connection between your sound vision and the sound coming to your ear.

Whether you are searching for a cool rehearsal combo, the ideal recording setup or a powerful amplifier/speaker tower for the rehearsal room or stage – we will gladly help you.

Listen to our reference equipment, try different combinations or test different speakers with your own amplifier in direct comparison – you’ll be astonished!

effects units

make your sound more colourful

You are searching for an especially „talkative“ wah-wah pedal, a delay with a fast sound for the solo, a distortion pedal to support or expand your amplifier or a comprising effects concept for literally every situation? Come to our shop and listen to the diverse possibilities!
From the analogue pedal to the fully digital multi-effect processor and all their combinations – everything is possible.

Small or large, with or without MIDI, pedal board or rack, it’s your choice. And if you like, we will plan, wire and programme everything for you.


bass is a must

Of course all woofers with four, five or eight strings are very welcome as well.

A good bass sound must hold its ground in the band structure. And we dig practical solutions that do not promise any marvels but simply do their job, wherever or whenever it comes to the crunch.

Be it an original P-Bass and all-tube tower or a class-D amp and neodymium speakers, whether acoustic jazz or nu metal – we want you to sound as good as possible!


the right settings

In any case, a little bit of service and care is good for every bass and guitar (and also for the other components). Grant your instruments a check-up and some new strings to liven up your playing fun.

In case of significant problems we will gladly perform minor or major repairs as well. Workshop appointments upon consultation.
Also amplifiers and effects units are welcome in our consultation-hours. Be it a scratching potentiometer or rattling tubes, we will get your equipment fit again.

sound consultation

the professional solution

Just make an appointment with the „Sound Doc“ and tell us about your problem or your sound demands – by phone, mail, on-site or, if you like, in your home, studio or in the rehearsal room*. (On request we even offer a coaching for the whole band – see below.)
In any case we will make a comprising sound and equipment check together – from the instrument, amplifier etc. to the musical environment – in order to find out which type of player you are and what you really need. (Of course, you can also do that on your own with the help of our reference equipment).

You will learn, which possibilities your equipment components really offer – so that you will subsequently know exactly what you like, what you don’t like and the reason why.

Together we will find out, which solution is the ideal one for you and your sound demands – and the possible solutions. (By the way: We want our customers to be satisfied – should the case arise that we are not able to help you, the consultation is for free!)


hear the greater whole

Sometimes the problems are not primarily a question of equipment but rather „home-made“. E.g. because the allocation of frequencies within a lineup is not right.

If your band has an especially dense sound and you have problems hearing yourself properly – a problem your colleagues are likely to have as well – it probably makes more sense to come to our shop together. (Optionally we’ll come over to your place.*)
Thus, we can address and solve the sound problems together and under real-life band conditions. According to our customers a very effective and worth-while measure, especially since you can also split the costs.

If you’re interested in home/rehearsal room/studio visits, please ask for the costs for travel expenses and/or overnight stays beforehand!)