This is how it works


You mail or call us and we talk about the problem you have. If your information requirements are already satisfied, the costs will be between 30 and 60 euros, depending on the time invested. Should we not be able to help you or the case be too complex (see item 2.), the first consultation is without costs!


For more difficult cases we arrange a personal meeting to analyse the sound problem resp. to determine your desired sound: If you can’t come here, we’ll do it on the phone. Alternatively, you can bring your equipment * and together we’ll find out what is missing or not working together, and we will show you, which measures can be taken in order to help.


Depending on time and effort, this detailed personal consultation costs between approx. 100 and 350 euros. If in the process of finding the right sound you buy new equipment and purchase it in our shop, we count the costs against the consultation fee. (Of course you can buy the stuff any place you like. In that case we charge the normal fee.) Again: Should we not be able to help you with your sound problems, you don’t have to pay!

(*) For those who don’t want to drag their equipment to the store: In our store there are numerous reference instruments and amplifiers etc. at your disposal to find the right sound.

(*) On demand we also come to your home, rehearsal room or studio. (In that case travel and accommodation expenses may be incurred.)
Furthermore, we certainly offer all further services that can be expected from a good specialised shop – from the modulation of the instrument and the optimisation of the electronics, amplifier service and tuning to the individual custom instrument, effects board or amp rack.