Customer Feedback

even my wife was thrilled by the sound!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Hello Vilim,

After your consultation I already had the possibility to test the following amps: Peavy JSX: The head sounds a little too hard and not vivid enough for my taste. Engl Savage E610: Good for aggressive sounds but not flexible enough.

Mesa Boogie Roadking: This thing is brilliant! Very flexible, warm, vivid sound also at lower volume levels, just as you said! At first, I had all controllers set on 12 o’clock and only tested the different modes and the amplifier wiring once. The amp reacts sensibly and has a great sound, even at lower volume levels. Even my wife was thrilled by the sound and heard the difference between this amp and all the others. I will now test the other recommendations you gave me. But I think that the Roadking is one of my favourites. We’ll talk about the finances later. ;-))

(Follow-up)Yesterday, my Roadking top with 4×12 speakers arrived. A first sound check has already taken place. Amazing! Really uncompromising!

Thanks and greetings,
Dani Benz

all your informal small tips, they are absolutely priceless

16 April 2008

Hey you!

What can I say? There I was, more than unhappy with my second-hand Japanese Fender Stratocaster from the mid-eighties. Bad buy in any way, I thought: thin sound, awful playability. Clean sounds were okay so far, but as soon as I started to play with a little crunch it was a mere torture for the ears. An absolute no-go. In desperation I already wanted to sell the thing for small money and buy something decent for a lot of money.

Then I found you guys and there is only thing I can say: Awesome. Thanks to your tips the Strat got a set of decent pickups and was completely modulated. Also the senseless saddle clamp at the headplate went straight to the garbage. Result: Now it is a very decent Strat providing just the vintage sound that I love so much.

During one of the last „full power“ attacks I made it right and asked Vilim beforehand what kind of stuff would make me happy (while not making my wallet or my family unhappy). Instead of investing countless euros in „something“, I have now purchased a second-hand JTM45RI of the first series and had it set to the technical state of the sixties. Pure sound! And the costs? Not even half of what new equipment would have been! However, my 81 Ibanez Destroyer II showed some strange weaknesses with this amp – it just didn’t sound right. No bite, no power. One call to Vilim was enough: Thicker strings, a second-hand Super Distortion in the bridge position and there the guitar was, screaming so hard I though it was a different one. Just beautiful!

Oh, and the many small informal tips that you are giving, they are absolutely priceless.

Keep on boogie!
Weikko Müller

rocking nice and hard

10 February 2008

Dear Mr. Stößer,

After a long, long time waiting for the amplifier combination Marshall DSL 100 and the 1960 TV speaker that you had recommended, I finally had the possibility to test both systems. Compared with the normal Marshall standard speaker, the TV speaker is really better by far. I have also tested other models and brands, but I liked the TV speaker best.

As for the top parts, I am still in between: At first, the vendor had misunderstood me and had connected the TSL 100. With each sound that I played my eyes and ears were more and more thrilled! Cool thing! Then I had the DSL 100 connected and was simply spellbound! The clean sounds were wonderfully vivid, the crunch and distorted sounds were all rock and wonderfully hard. The only thing I missed with the DSL were the metal sounds. Could it be that they develop at a higher volume level?

I will only be able to bring up the 2,000 € for the combination by spring. And I will also test both amps again with my new guitar that I am having built right now. I have performed the tests with my Schindler guitar with the following equipping: Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB – SSL1 – Hot Rail.

Thank you so much again for your help. Hopefully, I can approach you again in future in case of other sound problems. Maybe we’ll meet at the music fair!

Thank you very much!
Bernd Heinrich

not at all like before

10 February 2008

Hello Vilim,

I didn’t have the time so far to try out the Supersonic speaker. My music shop had none in stock. But I will definitely try it out!
By the way, I wasn’t quite able to quit my do-it-yourself project and ordered a 2×12 inch pine wood housing with flex-back to switch between open back and closed back. The difference to my MDF self-experiment is huge! Just as you said.

I now like the Vintage 30 very much, while the G12H almost seems a little too shy. Previously, the Vintage 30 in the MDF housing had been really annoying, which is why I subsequently ordered the G12H. But altogether I wouldn’t give up this combination for nothing in the world. In combination with the self-made tube amp a huge improvement. Clean the combination even sounds better than my Roland Cube 30x. And I always thought that this one sounds good!

I will definitely try out the Supersonic-212 at the next opportunity. Maybe that would be something for the rehearsal room. For home use the combination of 2W tube and 2x100dB speakers is fully satisfying. The Strat has a crystal-clear sound. And with a booster I even get her to sing earlier. – Attached a picture of the combination.

Regarding my Epiphone Les Pauls, it’s still a little too frosty for my taste, even with the new combination! I will get in touch with you again regarding this and some new pickups.

Best regards,
Michael Mahringer

no other guitar!

10 February 2008

Hi Vilim,

On Saturday, I have played the Mexican Telecaster with new pickups (AND NO OTHER GUITAR!) live on stage for the first time. It just sounds incredible. Just as I imagined. Somehow you managed to realize my (back then) very abstract sound requirements. I am very happy with the result.

Thanks a lot,
Gerrit Hoss